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Give us your Dubai address and contact details.
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Enjoy a fresh and clean home. We have got your back!


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House Cleaning Services in Dubai

Helpsters house cleaning services is a professional provider of high quality house cleaning services across Dubai.

Whether it is a luxury apartment, a residential or an office space in Trade Center, we are able to meet your cleaning requirements. We are dedicated to leaving every home or office squeaky clean every time! Forget the hassles of keeping your property clean and maintaining a full-time cleaning staff. Just book our house cleaning services in Dubai & we will take care of rest.

In a city like Dubai, dust and dirt pollution can be a major issue. To your surprise the air found inside is more polluted than the air outside. A proper cleaning ritual is must and to support your cleaning needs. We are here for you, we provide:

General cleaning: We undertake dusting, vacuuming and moping of all rooms of the house as per your requirement. We deep clean hard to reach fixtures of your house like fan, lights, under the sofa and even your air conditioner.

Bedroom cleaning: We disinfect and clean your mattress, curtain, carpet, wardrobe and other furniture and fixtures in your bedroom.

Kitchen cleaning: Our cleaners scrub and clean the grime and dirt that has accumulated on your kitchen wall. We undertake cleaning of hard to reach spots under and behind the appliances, over the kitchen cabinets and under the sink. Cleaning of appliances like dishwasher, cooking range and refrigerator are also the specialty of our staff.

Bathroom cleaning: Our staff undertakes cleaning of the bathtub including mold cleaning, cleaning of bathroom sink and cabinets. We scrub and clean the bathroom tiles and other fittings in the bathroom.

In addition to the above, our professional staff also undertake a thorough cleaning of your carpet, mattress, curtain and sofa thereby providing a fresh and clean look to your interiors. Do you wish to avail any of our service?

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Moving into a new home, or moving out, opt for our best move in / out service

Maid didn't turn up today? We have you covered.

House Cleaning Agency in Dubai

Here are some tips for you on how to keep your house clean and tidy by yourself:

  • Make use of doormats:

You must keep doormats at every entrance/back-door of your house and also at the bathroom doors. Keeping doormats at the entrance/back-doors would prevent dust and filth from coming inside the house to a great extent. Moreover, the doormats at bathroom doors would dry your feet in case your bathroom floor is wet.

  • Declutter:

Decluttering is one of the most important things to undertake if you want everything in your house to be clean as if everything is in its place you would be easily be able to find it without messing up. Less items out on the counters and surface tops cuts down on dusting and makes cleaning a lot quicker.

  • Make your Bed:

Making your bed is very important if you want your house to look clean. Your bed covers the major area of your rooms, if your bed remains untidy it would leave an unfavourable impression on any one entering the room even though the entire room is clean. Make it a habit to make the bed whenever you leave it.

  • Make use of Dustbins:

Have smaller dustbins placed in every room or at prime spots in your house where you might have a lot of waste such as kitchen, study table, etc. Since you may feel lethargic to go to a spot far away to throw the waste so you may become careless about it and throw it inappropriately.

  • Handle Handles with care:

All the handles be it the handle for a door, shower, tap, etc. must be cleaned very frequently as they are used many times in a depositing dirt on it which may spread out from there everywhere.

  • Clean you Fans:

We usually do not look at the top while we are cleaning but that’s where we do a blunder. One must clean the ceiling fans at regular intervals so that dust does not deposit on the top of fans as the fans would spontaneously spread the dust in the entire place very quickly along with the air.

  • Put your Footwear rightly:

Footwear could be considered as a foe to cleanliness if not taken care of. Footwear of everyone often tends to be dirty. You must assign a place for your footwears in your house and also clean them time to time so that dirt from around the world could not sneak into your house leaving it squeaky clean.

  • Take care of Furry friends:

If at all you have any pets in your home make sure to keep them clean and tidy too as if uncared for they can bring in a lot of dust and filth inside the house.  Have an old towel at the door to clean them when they enter.

  • Hire Professional cleaners:

Last but the most important task to be done is to hire professional cleaners like Helpsters to sort out all your cleaning requirements. We provide a wide range of services to suit your needs.

We also do House CleaningOffice CleaningCarpet CleaningMaid Service, Move In & Move Out, Deep Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Upholstery CleaningMattress Cleaning, Party Cleaner, Party Helper, Baby Sitting, Steam Cleaning and Curtain Cleaning.

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